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          A change in the world though our connection back to nature

Although society is moving towards technological advances, we have equal opportunity to evolve in human senses.  I have an optimistic view about future, and how to work connecting our presence to our ancestral knowledge.

“Witch” - they call me.
What leads me to this healing universe is the capability of exploring our maximum potential. When we reach this stage, is a great bliss. 
For that I gather all the practices: meditation, everday drawings and paintings, dance exercises, singing, photography and reading.

I was a ballet dancer for more than 20 years, and I find myself dancing when I edit videos, draw or perform VJ at parties. Everything that sourrounds music and sound moves me.

I am graduated in architecture in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 2014. Since then I migrated to design area, more specifically digital fabrication. I desired to build sound installations and acoustic spaces.

I found in art a no way back road that brings me everday enlightenment, while I break paradigms.

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