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MACUMBIA is a collective, a party, a dance dedicated to Latin rhythms! The special focus is cumbia, a style that was born in Colombia - with a strong influence of African music - and also pulsates in Chile, Argentina, Panama, Mexico and Peru. Dancing beats, vibrant colors, themed projections, eroticism, tropical euphoria: 40 psychedelic degrees to scratch the hall! 

Macumba - Miragem Para-íba from Laura on Vimeo.

Macumbia Party - edition "Viva la Pachanga"

Macumbia- MUSIKI NA BISO! - Video invitation for the party Macumba, especial edition of musics from Congo

MACUMBIA -Prende la Vela - 27-07-2018 - Video for the party Macumbia that celebrates Colombian root rhythms and cumbia.
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